Working with Taco Comfort Solutions on a Giant Project

Sometimes really cool projects fall your way. This giant stainless-steel air separator was one of them. A customer called asking if Taco made “custom” tanks, air separators, etc. Of course, Taco is capable of building virtually anything made of metal […]

Taco Introduces New High-Efficiency Water Circulators

Taco Comfort Solutions® has introduced two new high-efficiency water circulation pumps and circulators. Here’s their announcement along with links to the product catalogs. Please contact us for more information and pricing at 800-355-7061. Taco announces the release of the 0034e™ […]

Nexus Introduces Bypass & Flush Kits

Nexus has released another Nexus Fast Fact video introducing their Bypass & Flush Kits. Host Nick Howell explains the benefits of both kits and how they can offer you complete isolation and protection of sensitive equipment on the supply and […]

Nexus Flamcovent Smart Air Separator

One of our top selling manufacturing product lines, Nexus Valves, has started a new Fast Facts video series on some of their products. They are short, to the point, and very helpful. Please take two minutes to watch them and […]

Patterson-Kelley Certification Training for 2020

Patterson-Kelley has announced their boiler, water heater, and installation training schedule for 2020. They are also offering sales training classes. This is a great opportunity to become a PK Certified Technician in 4 days, renew your certification in 2 days, […]

New Products from Nexus Valve

Nexus has some new, innovative products out that we wanted to share. The Configur-A-Ball™ Customizable End Turns and Isolation Nexus is excited to introduce this quarter turn isolation valve with multiple end connection options to be configured for easy piping […]

Introducing Taco’s VT Series Vertical Turbine Pumps

Do you know that Taco’s VT Series vertical turbine pumps, powered by Hydroflo Pumps, provide the ultimate in reliability and ease of installation? With 6” to 18” bowl diameters, the VT Series provides quiet, dependable performance for cooling tower and chilled […]

The Benefits of a Pre-Fabricated Engine Exhaust System

Air-Tec, one of our HVAC product lines, published a recent newsletter with some information we thought our customers would find valuable on the benefits of a pre-fabricated engine exhaust system. Here it is: “Chicago customers are finding that the modular […]

Get Familiar with One of Our Top Product Lines: Sterlco Boiler Units

Sterlco® Boiler Feed Units are very popular with our customers for a variety of reasons. With more than 100 years of application experience, a diverse engineering staff, state-of-the art engineering design capabilities including custom applications, Sterlco is a brand you […]

20% Off Patterson-Kelley Annual Maintenance Kits

Hurry and don’t miss this opportunity to take 20% off Patterson-Kelley’s Annual Maintenance Kits. We’ve shared in the past why it is so important to perform annual maintenance as a way to build long-lasting customer relationships and add a consistent […]