Why Choose A Sterlco Boiler Feed Unit?

      Sterlco recently sent us an email with information on why you should choose a Sterlco Boiler Feed unit. We wanted to share their reasons so you can use or adapt them when talking with your customers. Sterlco […]

VRF Fireworks at the DOE

This is some interesting information provided by Taco, concerning the VRF industry’s efficiency negotiations at the DOE: The VRF industry has started another round of efficiency negotiations at the Department of Energy (DOE). Fireworks erupted during the October 15-16 meeting when […]

Celebrating Mechanical Equipment’s 20 Year Anniversary

We are beyond excited to be celebrating our 20-year anniversary this month. We want to thank all of our customers and employees who have supported us in our growth thus far. We are honored to have earned your business and […]

New Taco Commercial Pump Nameplates

  We received the following announcement from Taco Comfort Solutions about their commercial pumps and wanted to pass it along. New and Improved Commercial Pump Nameplates Are On Their Way! We are excited to introduce you to our newly designed […]

Breaking Down Turndown in Commercial Boilers

One of our most trusted brands, Patterson-Kelley, provided us with this great explanation breaking down turndown in commercial boilers. Boilers are rated on thermal efficiency, which is simply the chemical energy added to the boiler, divided by the energy added […]

Turning up Turndown for Better Commercial Boiler Efficiency

As an owner or as a design engineer, you want to be sure that your boiler selection will operate at peak efficiency, under all conditions. Thermal efficiency is simply the chemical energy added to the boiler, divided by the energy […]

Video: How to perform annual maintenance on a boiler

We’ve been talking about how important it is to perform annual maintenance on your clients’ equipment. Boilers, as you know, are subject to wear and tear. They need adequate maintenance, to ensure that they don’t break down. If they do, it’s […]

Need help with obsolete parts for your heating and cooling equipment?

It’s frustrating when you can no longer get the parts needed to repair your equipment. With all of the energy and environmental regulations coming out of Washington these days, manufacturers are constantly required to update technologies and efficiencies with their […]

The Benefits of Aluminum Commercial Boilers

Have you been misinformed about aluminum boilers? Patterson-Kelley, one of our most trusted brands of boilers, has published a blog post on the myths and misinformation surrounding aluminum boilers and how they are actually beneficial. Aluminum is one of the […]

Nexus Valve + MasterSpec

We wanted to share with you that Nexus Valve products are now listed by one of the most widely used engineering specification services in the industry – Product MasterSpec. This should make it easier for you to find and specify […]