We were thrilled to learn that Mechanical Equipment earned two awards at the Nexus National Sales meeting February 28th, 2017.

Nexus honored us once again with the coveted “Outstanding Achievement Award” for sales in 2016. In addition to that award, we were also chosen to receive the brand new “Pacesetter” award for outstanding leadership and sales in excess of one-million dollars of Nexus Products.

We are honored to represent such a fine product and company. The people at Nexus are friendly, professional and supportive. They truly make our job as a Manufacturer’s Representative easier!

Nexus continues to introduce new products every single year and it’s no surprise they are the number one flow-control valve company in America. They are now owned by Aalberts Industries, which opens the doors to many other new products to serve our industry and most importantly, our customers.

We now offer the new NexLock system of connections for copper and poly piping, rated to 250psi. Push-in and go, it’s as simple as that!

Watch for future additions such as temperature control valves, manifolds for chilled beams, sail panels, etc. and many more. Mechanical Equipment sells more combination coil packs than anyone in Illinois, and we keep a complete inventory for immediate delivery, so give us a call at 800-355-7061 and let us supply your next project.

Mechanical Equipment finished second overall in the country for sales of Sterling Hydronic products for year ending 2015. This is the second year in a row that we’ve managed to achieve that feat, which we’re very proud of due to the fact that we’ve only represented Sterling for four years!

Sterling sales have more than doubled in this market, since Mechanical Equipment took on the product line! We attribute it mostly to our level of superior service, although Sterling is indeed considered the “Rolls Royce” of the industry. We offer free field measuring of fin-tube, radiant ceiling panels and radiant wall panels. We furnish detailed drawings and tags and we also offer installation for radiant ceiling panels!

We think that we came along at a time that some of the other suppliers of these types of products had formed a bit of arrogance, perhaps out of the idea that nobody else offered all of the products they did. Well, that simply isn’t the case, because we sell everything that the other guys have including an OEM arrangement for radiant wall panels. We also have Cab Heaters, Unit Heaters, Convectors, etc. Give us a call and let us look at your needs for your next project. Chances are that you’ll be amazed at how competitively priced we are and how superior our services are to the other guys!