Looking back to when we started Mechanical Equipment in 1999, we never could have imagined how our industry, and the world itself, would be where it is today. So many of the products we sell today changed from installer-based programming, to “smart” products that merely require the push of a few buttons on a computer panel. Products are constantly developing and redeveloping to become as energy efficient as possible. While many of us prefer to avoid change, usually because we fear the “unknown” that change will bring, a business must embrace and lead the change in order to continue to grow and thrive.

For Mechanical Equipment to remain and continue as a leader in the HVAC industry in Illinois, we will continue to embrace change as it comes along. Since we lead the way among the top manufacturer’s representatives, we embrace the new and are excited to share our expertise and knowledge with our customers. We stay on top of the latest products, technology, and solutions, and we bring that resource to you to be shared with your customers as well. 

Mechanical Equipment represents the most-recognized products in each product category. We have strong relationships with our manufacturers. We work with them, helping to bring the product improvements that meet and exceed the ever-higher standards to which the engineers and architects design. Engineers come to Mechanical Equipment in the early design stages of their projects because they know that our product application knowledge and expertise will help them deliver the very best solution and a smooth construction process to their customers.

We promise to always put our customers’ needs before our own and help you to achieve your overall goal. By continually meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs, our own needs are met with repeat, long-standing customer relationships. We often tell people:

  • We don’t control product quality, we simply represent the best manufacturers. 
  • We don’t control pricing; the market determines our prices.
  • We DO control our service and attitude, and we promise you the best of both, each and every time you deal with us!

As we begin our 23rd year of operation, one constant remains – our loyal customer following! The reason Mechanical Equipment continues to thrive and deliver value is because of our continuously growing customer base. This tells us we’re doing it right and the message spreads throughout our industry! In order to continue to grow, we will never forget that the customer’s needs come before anything else. Every day we are in business, we’re building relationships with you, our customers and friends. A relationship that is based on trust and we promise you that good-enough, will never be good-enough for us!

Dennis J. O’Shaughnessy


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