Letter from the President

When we opened Mechanical Equipment (now referred to by most people as ME), we immediately made several important decisions about the kind of company we wanted to be, and also about the kind of employer we wanted to be.

First, ME had to be a company that represented a small number of manufacturers, and we needed to strive to be the “go to guys” for those products. We didn’t want to be the kind of rep firm we see every day out there, that has a line sheet with over fifty manufacturers listed. Nobody can serve that many masters, and be any good at it!

Next, we wanted to be a company that people genuinely enjoyed doing business with, and not because of low prices. Anyone can be a price cutter. Instead, we promise we’ll always be competitive on an evenly comparable quotation.

We also promise to be genuinely concerned about our customer’s needs, not our own. In sales, people fall where they lean, and if we can get the majority of the people leaning our way, then our needs will be met as well. We often tell people; we don’t control product quality, we simply make sure that we represent the best manufacturers. We don’t control pricing; we can only get what the market (our customer’s), will pay. The only elements that we can control which also influence the buying decision are service and attitude! So we strive to have the best of both, and we think we succeed almost every day.

Finally, we wanted ME to be a place that people would want to come to work at everyday, because they have fun, we are fair, and we genuinely care about them and their families. As soon as we were big enough, we started a 401K matching program and an employee profit sharing program too. We are an extended family and we treat each other with respect and sensitivity, and we wouldn’t change that atmosphere for any amount of money.

As we begin our 21st year, one constant remains; without our customers, nobody needs ME. Our only reason for existing as a company is to serve your needs. In doing so, we are building a relationship with you that is based on trust, assuring you that we will never be content with “good enough,” and we will never simply give up. From our original 10’ x 10’ office, to our Island Lake location with more than 12,000 sq feet, our little company has grown substantially because of our customers, and also the fine products we offer you today.

How can we serve you today? Just let us know.

Dennis J. O’Shaughnessy