Our Promise

Choosing a manufacturer’s representative for your industrial or commercial equipment needs, is an important decision. You want a company that is reliable, offers high-quality products from the very best manufacturers and truly cares about your needs. You want someone you can trust. Someone to build a strong working relationship with. Someone you look forward to calling because you know everything will be taken care of. We are that someone and we make our customers this strong commitment.


  1. High-Quality Manufacturers

There are a lot of firms out there that have line sheets with over 50 manufacturers on them. It’s hard to believe a rep can be good at what they do when they have that many manufacturers.

We choose to represent only the highest-quality manufacturers. These manufacturers, including Taco Pumps, PERMA-PIPE, Sterling Commercial Hydronic Products, and Nexus, are leaders in their industry and craft exceptional equipment. We have close ties with each of our manufacturers and know their products from the inside out. We are proud to be the “go-to guys” for all of the product types we represent.

We have everything from flow control valves and hydronic equipment to heat transfer equipment and water circulation pumps. We carry a large inventory of parts to make sure we can get you what you need, as fast as you need it. You can take a look at our full product/line card here.


  1. Competitive and Fair Pricing

We know that contractors want the best deal for their money, and the smart ones know that the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best deal! That’s why we promise to be competitive with any comparable quotations and products.

Mechanical Equipment is built on integrity, and we think this integrity shines through in our attitude, service and definitely our pricing.

For the best deals available, check the Garage Sale section of our website.


  1. However, we don’t only sell products, we sell solutions

We are more than just order takers. We are the place to go for answers, where we know your name and anticipate your needs, where we only carry the best product lines, and where you’ll be wowed by our great customer service. Need design help? Need LEED design consultation? Need help troubleshooting? We are your team!


  1. Expertise

We’ve been in this business for a long time. We know what works, how best to bundle certain products, how to save time and money on installation. We are generous with our expertise, always willing to share to make our customers’ jobs easier. Challenge us with any questions on hydronic system design, problem solving, and time or money saving solutions.


  1. Outstanding customer service

When you call you talk to a person, not a machine. Everything we do is designed to respond to each of our customer’s specific questions, needs and services. We answer our phones to create a relationship with our customers and make sure we can get you the information you need quickly. Need help with your design? We’re happy to step in and help. Unlike others, we always tell our customers the truth. We are known to be straight-talkers with refreshing candor. We think that this is the best way to serve customers, and we’re more concerned about our customers’ needs than our own. After all, where would we be without you?


  1. We treat our employees and customer right

We enjoy building relationships with people. We treat our employees well so they will work hard for you. We have found this to be true throughout our 17 years of existence. As soon as we were big enough, we started a 401K matching program and an employee profit sharing program.

Why? Our employees deserve it. Our goal was and continues to be creating a working environment that people are excited to come to every day.

Our company culture is built on honesty, integrity, service, teamwork, fun, fairness, and looking out for each other. We extend that to our customers, manufacturers and employees as much as we can. And, from what we hear from the people we interact with every day, we’re doing a pretty good job at it. We’ll never stop trying to be even better.


We work hard to make sure we deliver on the promises listed above, which is why we stand out from other manufacturers. If you’re interested in learning more about us or speaking to us about any of our products or services, feel free to give us a call at (800) 355-7061. We would love to put the Mechanical Equipment Advantage to work for you.