Going Above and Beyond for Our Customers

We want to share another customer success story, that required our “above and beyond” customer service, to solve an issue that was threatening the successful completion of a major project for our customer. The Chicago Botanic Garden needed a new radiant heat system installed in three of their existing, large Greenhouses: The Semi-tropical Greenhouse has average temperatures hover between 75- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and the humidity is

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Good News! Delivery Update for Sterlco Products

With the current Heating Season coming upon us, we wanted to pass along some news on Sterlco’s delivery times for top products. Sterlco is pleased to announce that they are back to having simplex units and valves in stock and ready for quick ship deliveries. Also, lead times on their custom units have been cut substantially. Sterlco is currently leading the industry in being able to get products in your

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DOE Announces $10 Million in Incentives to Support Energy Efficient Pumps

In our continued effort to keep our customers and our industry current on trends and important issues affecting us, Mechanical Equipment is sharing Taco’s, recent announcement because it has very real potential savings and benefits for our customers and their customers!   The U.S Department of Energy (DOE) has announced $10 million to support the installation of energy efficiency extended product systems (e.g., combined electric motor, variable speed drive, and

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Pool Heat Exchanger Replacement Saves High School Swim Meet

A local Chicago Public High School found themselves in a bind. They had an upcoming swim meet scheduled but their “steam to pool water” heat exchanger failed a month before the meet. They didn’t want to have to cancel the meet or find another location, so they reached out to JR Industries to find a fast solution. JR Industries reached out to Mechanical Equipment, to get the equipment. As you

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Introducing Bosch Modular Condensing Boilers

We’re happy to announce that we now distribute Bosch Commercial Boilers. One of their top products, the Buderus SSB1000TL Modular Condensing Boilers were designed to deliver high quality, flexibility and dependability to commercial and industrial building applications. With a small footprint (31.5” x 36”), minimal clearance requirements and output ranges from 800 to 8192MBH, these heavy duty boilers can be utilized in almost any application. Availability! Bosch has models for

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New ON/OFF Magnet with Taco 4900 Series® Commercial Air & Dirt Separator

Who knew a magnet could make such a big difference? Taco did. As if Taco’s 4900 Series® air and dirt separator wasn’t already the best on the market, you can now get an even better version of it. Taco has launched a new version of the product that will make life easier for the end-user, while saving customers time and money. Our 4900 Series Commercial Air & Dirt Separator is

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Custom Metal Enclosures to Conceal and Protect Equipment

Did you know that one of the unique services that we offer is to create custom, fabricated metal enclosures to hide HVAC piping or electrical conduit in commercial or institutional buildings. We see high demand for this specifically in schools, for their classrooms, hallways, and gymnasiums. These fabricated metal enclosures are important for both concealing and protecting exposed piping or electrical conduit. Conceal Not all pipes in a building can

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Space Challenges for a Booster Pump? Not a Problem!   

Restaurants rely on higher pressure water. It’s critical for food preparation as well as cleaning and sanitizing restaurant equipment, utensils, and tableware. Therefore, domestic booster pump systems play an extremely important role in the day-to-day operations of a restaurant, especially a large restaurant, serving large numbers of people. To help a new restaurant in Oak Brook, IL, Piccolo Buco, we were contacted by BTR Engineering looking for help specifying a

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Taco has announced a unique program to drive down lead times for our customers and commit to more product availability for their popular self-sensing pumps. Taco is stocking 1.5 hp – 15 hp, 200-240V and 380-460V versions of their self-sensing pumps, bringing lead times down to 10-12 weeks. Our customers will be happy!  All are NEMA Type 12 and they are all with Fused Disconnect w/o bypass. These drives are

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