Mechanical Equipment finished second overall in the country for sales of Sterling Hydronic products for year ending 2015. This is the second year in a row that we’ve managed to achieve that feat, which we’re very proud of due to the fact that we’ve only represented Sterling for four years!

Sterling sales have more than doubled in this market, since Mechanical Equipment took on the product line! We attribute it mostly to our level of superior service, although Sterling is indeed considered the “Rolls Royce” of the industry. We offer free field measuring of fin-tube, radiant ceiling panels and radiant wall panels. We furnish detailed drawings and tags and we also offer installation for radiant ceiling panels!

We think that we came along at a time that some of the other suppliers of these types of products had formed a bit of arrogance, perhaps out of the idea that nobody else offered all of the products they did. Well, that simply isn’t the case, because we sell everything that the other guys have including an OEM arrangement for radiant wall panels. We also have Cab Heaters, Unit Heaters, Convectors, etc. Give us a call and let us look at your needs for your next project. Chances are that you’ll be amazed at how competitively priced we are and how superior our services are to the other guys!

Airtherm recently decided to obtain new representation in the Chicagoland area, and selected Mechanical Equipment as their new representative. Airtherm is owned by parent company Mestek, Inc. (Sterling Hydronic is also a Mestek Company). No doubt our tremendous success with the Sterling product line, helped sway the decision, and we’re excited to have the same performance with the Airtherm product line that we’ve enjoyed with Sterling. Airtherm products include but are not limited to; Fan Coils, Belt-Drive Air Handlers, Convectors, Unit and Cabinet Heaters too! Please allow us an opportunity to look at your next project if you’re designing it or in the process of building it; we’ll do a great job for you!

We’re happy to tell you that our market share for TACO pumps and hydronic equipment and services continues to grow in Chicago and the surrounding area. In light of this, Mechanical Equipment received yet another “TACO Quota Buster Award” for sales in 2015.

The award was presented during an all-expense paid vacation trip to Disney World in Orlando Florida. The trip was generously provided by TACO for the families of all representative firms who exceeded their quota. TACO not only makes the best hydronic systems in the market today, but it is also a family owned company that believes in treating everyone associated with TACO, as immediate family as well; employees, rep firms and customers too.

Mechanical Equipment has increased its pumps, motors and parts inventory over the last three years to exceed half-a-million dollars! Thank you to all of our customers who have trusted us with their needs.

What’s significant for our customers, other than just great pumps and accessories, is that TACO is constantly (and we do mean constantly) introducing new products and design software for our customers. Many people simply fall into a routine by specifying or purchasing pump equipment from another manufacturer, simply because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”, and they deprive themselves of an opportunity to get a better product, superior service and a much happier customer with cutting-edge equipment. Imagine how airplane travel would be today, if the President of Boeing said he didn’t have time to meet with a salesman selling his “new-fangled” jet engine. Ask yourself, “am I still riding on the proverbial prop engine airplane” by not buying TACO?

Let us show you the new TACO self-sensing pump technology, integral VFD pump technology, iWorx Controls System, LoadMatch system, and HSS hydronic system design software. HSS software, is “point and click” computer technology, and will size and select your entire system, the equipment (not just pumps and accessories, but cooling towers, chillers air-handlers, pipe sizes, etc. Everything! “From soup to nuts” as they say. No other pump manufacturer has such cutting edge software, so put away your “sizing wheel” and get the latest and greatest from TACO and “GO GREEN”!

Mechanical Equipment was named Valve King for 2015, at the Nexus National Sales meeting in February 2016. This is the seventh time that Mechanical Equipment has been given the honor. We have become the default “go-to” provider for flow control assemblies and valve packs. We think it’s happened because we have come to “specialize” in the needs of system flow and proper balancing.

Nexus offers automatic, manual and Pressure Independent balancing valve solutions. We inventory between $250K and $300K at all times and can deliver virtually same or next day requests. We will also make the proper selections for you so that you can spend your time on other areas of your job. Additionally, we also offer mounting the valve packs to customer furnished TCV’s, and then we bag and tag them accordingly.

We think our success is directly linked to the fact that we make it so easy for customers, and because nobody else has the expertise or ability that we do, when it comes to flow-control. It’s not by accident that we’ve been “The Valve King”, seven times during the fourteen years we’ve represented Nexus! Give us a try.

Tom Hammond
The latest addition to the Mechanical Equipment team is Tom Hammond. Tom has more than twenty-five years of experience, selling hydronic and air equipment in the commercial/ industrial HVAC industry. Tom’s most recent experiences came from more than fifteen years in sales at the Lou Imbert Company, followed by selling equipment and services for Johnson Controls in Arlington Heights. Tom brings knowledge of not only many of the same products we sell here, but also of the other manufacturer’s products, so that we can better demonstrate why the factories we represent are so superior to those being sold by other companies. Tom also brings a friendly “team” attitude and is a natural leader when it comes to showing his customers and co-workers, how systems and equipment function in a complete building HVAC system. We are excited to have him on board and look forward to the continued growth that Mechanical Equipment has enjoyed, and the additional growth that will come directly from Tom’s efforts!