Taco Comfort Solutions® has introduced two new high-efficiency water circulation pumps and circulators. Here’s their announcement along with links to the product catalogs. Please contact us for more information and pricing at 800-355-7061.

Taco announces the release of the 0034e™ and 0034ePlus™ ECM High-Efficiency Circulators for large residential and light commercial hydronic circulation. The 0034e features an easy-to-use dial while the 0034ePlus offers an intuitive digital user interface with real-time performance feedback. Both versions are available with Cast Iron or NSF certified Stainless Steel volutes with rotated flanges.

With the easy-to-use dial of the 0034e, you can choose between activeADAPT™ (Taco’s self-adjusting proportional pressure), Low, Medium, High and 0-10V DC analog or PWM digital input. The digital 0034ePlus offers more with activeADAPT, 5-constant pressure settings, 5-proportional pressure settings, Min/Max fixed speed and 0-10V DC analog or PWM digital input. Both are dual voltage and provide 34 feet of head and 50 gpm max flow. In addition, they come with Taco’s exclusive features and benefits including; SureStart® automatic unblocking and air purging, BIO Barrier® black iron oxide protection, flange nut-grabbers, dual electrical knockouts and rotatable control covers.

This new addition to the legendary 00e Series® reaffirms Taco Comfort Solutions’ position as the industry’s leader in high-efficiency, ECM technology.

Want to take a look at the catalogs? Here are the links.

0034e Catalog
0034ePlus Catalog

Again, give us a call with any questions or pricing information.