We are excited to announce that we are distributors for a new product line, LiquiTech, who has been providing innovations in water management and safety for over 30 years. LiquiTech offers solutions in a multiple of industries including hospitals, medical facilities, large manufacturing plants, commercial, high rise residential, and hospitality properties looking to improve water quality for their patients, employees, and guests – let’s talk.

LiquiTech, a company located here in Illinois, offers a comprehensive approach to improving water quality, safety, and purity by helping protect from Legionella and waterborne pathogens found in drinking water.

Water security is one of the most pressing issues facing facility owners and managers across multiple sectors. A clean water supply is essential to ensuring the health and safety of those environments. Having a solution that can improve the prevention of pathogens from entering and contaminating this vital resource is critical.

According to LiquiTech, 70% of all water systems are contaminated with Legionella. This issue has become extremely challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic because studies have found that Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) that originate from the water supply can be a key contributor in causing secondary infections that may lead to severity and mortality of COVID-19 patients.

An estimated 1 in 7 COVID-19 patients will develop a secondary infection while hospitalized.

LiquiTech’s multi barrier water management technologies are ideal for the following industries:


Help hospitals prevent the high cost and risk of HAIs by addressing waterborne bacteria such as Legionella, Pseudomonas and others that may live in their water.



Consistent, high quality water is invaluable to an industrial or manufacturing facility’s structure and processes. LiquiTech can deliver custom engineered solutions to address the unique process water challenges at your facility.



LiquiTech’s water management solutions can help commercial properties maximize operating effectiveness and improve guest satisfaction, while providing a safe, clean environment.


Their product line includes:

  • Point-of-Entry Filtration
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection
  • Copper Silver Ionization
  • Water Testing


If protecting patients, guests, and employees is absolutely critical for your customers, give us a call to help educate you at 800-355-7061 and to discuss LiquiTech’s solutions.