Did you know that one of the unique services that we offer is to create custom, fabricated metal enclosures to hide HVAC piping or electrical conduit in commercial or institutional buildings. We see high demand for this specifically in schools, for their classrooms, hallways, and gymnasiums.

These fabricated metal enclosures are important for both concealing and protecting exposed piping or electrical conduit.


Not all pipes in a building can be enclosed within walls, ceilings, or floors. Maintenance may need access to the pipes periodically or the pipes may be necessary to emit the desired heat or water into the room. But many times, these pipes aren’t aesthetically pleasing. So, concealing them in an attractive way becomes a value to the building owner, facility managers, and most importantly occupants.


Metal enclosures are also important to protect the pipes or wiring from damage and extending their peak working condition. But it also protects people from accidental contact. Safety in schools, hospitals, industrial complexes, commercial buildings, and public housing is critical.

Types of Pipes to Enclose

The types of pipes that the building maintenance supervisors want to conceal and protect could include:

  • Hot and cold water pipes
  • Steam pipes for heating
  • Refrigerant pipes
  • Sprinkler pipes
  • Electrical conduit

Types of Custom Metal Enclosures

Our custom enclosures are fabricated by a local Union sheet metal shop, instead of being manufacturing in another state, which allows us to offer our customers a quick turnaround. It also saves you money on shipping from out of state.

We offer galvannealed painted and unpainted enclosures, as well as stainless and aluminum, so you have options for the building aesthetics. Galvannealed sheet is carbon steel dipped and coated with zinc on both sides. The metal is then heated turning the coating into a zinc iron alloy, giving the sheet an improved or smoother surface finish, so it can be painted to match the room.

If you want to paint the enclosure, we offer colors from a standard RAL color chart or can even provide custom colors if required.

Our Process

When possible, to ensure quality and make it easier for our customers, a Mechanical Equipment sales engineer will meet with the installing contractor on the project and field measure together. This helps the project go more smoothly and avoid any costly measurement mistakes.

If you are a mechanical engineer, building facility manager, or contractor looking for custom metal HVAC pipe enclosure options or solutions for commercial or institutional building, give us a call at 800-355-7061. We have an enviable amount of experience in the industry and are happy to share our expertise on what is possible.


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