We’re happy to announce that we now distribute Bosch Commercial Boilers. One of their top products, the Buderus SSB1000TL Modular Condensing Boilers were designed to deliver high quality, flexibility and dependability to commercial and industrial building applications.

With a small footprint (31.5” x 36”), minimal clearance requirements and output ranges from 800 to 8192MBH, these heavy duty boilers can be utilized in almost any application.


Bosch has models for 800,000 BTU and 1-million BTU’s, and best of all; they are available to ship same or next day! 

Multi-Stack Capability

The 1,000 MBH modules are the MULTI-STACK of boilers. These modular condensing boilers can be “daisy-chained” together using the existing supply and return flanges that are shipped with caps on them, for a total capacity of up to 4,000 MBH. Easily connect up to four SSB1000TL together without any additional purchased venting parts or accessories.

Complete Redundancy

Each Bosch boiler section has complete redundancy meaning there’s two of everything inside, including heat-exchangerspumps, etc. so that if one side becomes inoperable, you still have heat!

Everything is separate, yet tied together so that you can operate the unit as designed or isolate one side for maintenance, while the other side still operates. Piping, valving, heat-exchangers and every other component has redundancy!


A stainless steel boiler is built for heavy duty commercial applications:

  • Dual 316L stainless steel heat exchangers for increased capacity
  • Flexible installation options with a small footprint
  • Equipped with a multi-speed circulator pump on each module
  • Superior, non-prorated 10-year limited warranty for Heat Exchanger
  • Up to 96.8% thermal efficiency
  • 40:1 turndown capability in cascade applications

Call your Mechanical Equipment representative for more information and pricing!


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