Who knew a magnet could make such a big difference? Taco did.

As if Taco’s 4900 Series® air and dirt separator wasn’t already the best on the market, you can now get an even better version of it. Taco has launched a new version of the product that will make life easier for the end-user, while saving customers time and money. Our 4900 Series Commercial Air & Dirt Separator is now available with an optional, integral ON/OFF MAGNET.

In addition, water pumps commonly come with Electrically Commutated Motors that contain magnets that attract any iron, or black iron oxide and magnetite, circulating in the water pipes. Over time though, iron accumulates on the pumps which in turn, causes failure. Obviously, this can be costly to the customer to clean, fix, or replace the pump motor. The 4900 Series with our new magnet option, totally eliminates that problem.


Through the use of Taco’s patented Pall Ring design and technology, the 4900 Series uses coalescence to collect and merge micro-bubbles and allow them to vent through the integral vent mechanism at the top of the vessel. An optional switchable on/ off magnet clears the system of micro-bubbles as small as 18 x 10 -6 meters, magnetite, sand, dirt and rust. You can’t get a cleaner system than when using the Magnetic 4900-series separator!

Adding the new on/off magnet to the already great 4900-series separator, has taken it to the next level, differentiating their separator from all the others.

The magnet collects all of those afore mentioned metal shavings that are continually circulating through the system. To flush them from the system, just turn the magnet off and open the flush valve. The metal and dirt flushes out easily. Turn it back on and the system is up and running again quickly. No need to take out the magnet for cleaning and clearing debris, which results in easy maintenance for a reduction in labor and down-time.

This is a unique feature to Taco and is a game changer for you.


  • GPM: 0 – 30,000
  • CONNECTION SIZES: 3/4” — 36”
  • Micro Air bubble removal to 18 Microns
  • Dirt particle removal below 30 Microns
  • Size ranges from 2” to 36” / W.P. at 125, 150 or 250 PSI.

For more detailed product information and benefits, watch this training video from Taco.

If you are a mechanical engineer, building facility manager, or contractor looking for better solutions for your commercial or institutional building heating and cooling system, give us a call at 800-355-7061. We are happy to share our experience to assist you in designing and maintaining the best solution for your customers.


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