A local Chicago Public High School found themselves in a bind. They had an upcoming swim meet scheduled but their “steam to pool water” heat exchanger failed a month before the meet. They didn’t want to have to cancel the meet or find another location, so they reached out to JR Industries to find a fast solution. JR Industries reached out to Mechanical Equipment, to get the equipment.

As you can see, the old heat exchanger had corroded over time after being exposed to years of chemicals in the pool water.

We immediately contacted Taco Comfort Solutions for their recommendation for this application, and while other factories are having supply chain issues, we were able to get the correct replacement heat-exchanger quickly to save the day!

We supplied the school with a Taco Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger designed to better withstand the aggressive chemicals commonly found in pool water.

Taco Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers are available in a wide range of materials to meet your application needs. All fabrication is done in-house with only the best of quality and built to ASME Standards. This heat-exchanger features a bronze head, brass interior shell and CuproNickel tubes, to easily withstand the aggressive pool chemicals.

Features of Taco Heat-Exchangers:

  • Designed, constructed and tested to ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 requirements
  • NSF/ANSI 372 Certified and Listed
  • High degree of flexibility in materials to meet varying application requirements
  • Available in 2 or 4 pass construction
  • All fabrication done in-house
  • Computerized selections to ensure fast and easy design
  • National Board Registration
  • Computerized selections to ensure fast and easy design
  • CRN registration (optional)

Working with Taco we were able to get the shell and tube heat exchanger delivered on time and installed for the swim meet. It wasn’t the photo finish timing you see in some swim meets, but it sure was a big win for everyone!

With the large Taco inventory that Mechanical Equipment carries and our suppliers’ track records on fast delivery, give us a call first, the next time you have a critical project and need equipment or parts in your hands fast.


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