How to Use:

  1. 1. Enter “Inner Pipe O.D.” and “Outer Pipe I.D.”/”Core Hole”. Then Press Enter.
  2. 2. Using the Sealing Range given in the Yellow Box, find the appropriate IL Part # from the chart given to the right.
    Hint: The “Sealing Range” must to fall between the Untightened # and Tightened #. If the Sealing Range falls in two ranges, choose the range which is closer to the Untightened #.
  3. 3. Enter the “IL Part #” in the Blue Box and then Press Enter to get the “Quantity Needed”.

1. For pipe smaller than 4″, please contact Mechanical Equipment for assistance.
2. For an outer pipe I.D. or core hole size that is greater than 2 pipe sizes
of the inner pipe, please contact Mechanical Equipment for assistance.

** Mechanical Equipment Toll Free # 800-355-7061. **
Download the lynx calculator in excel sheet form.


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