Mechanical Equipment Seismic Certification

HVAC systems are essential building components that need to maintain operation immediately after a seismic event. In fact, International Building Codes (IBC) require owners and consulting engineers to select seismic compliant HVAC equipment. Special Seismic Certification (SSC) is an approval process in which equipment and nonstructural components are evaluated for their ability to withstand the effects of earthquakes and meet functional requirements following these events.

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The goal of the IBC requirements is to ensure that essential facilities (hospitals, police and fire, shelters, data centers, nuclear, etc.) are able to provide services and protect the public following a seismic event and in all structures life-safety systems will continue to function, like sprinklers, egress, etc.

How Does it Work

The IBC requires a certificate of compliance from equipment manufacturers verifying that the product they supply will withstand the design seismic load for that project or building. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide the proper testing, analysis, and QA program to earn a certificate. It is the responsibility of the contractors to review and approve the equipment certificate of compliance. An industry requirement for third-party accredited listing of seismic certificates is essential in establishing a legitimate certification process that will require all manufacturers to play by the same rules, providing risk protection and peace of mind to the building owner.

This process ensures that manufacturers are in compliance, maintaining “on line” performance and carrying IBC qualification and certification. This seismic certification process can be confusing and with people’s safety on the line, there are no room for errors in either using the right equipment or collecting the proper certificiation.
That’s why we provide turnkey seismic certification solutions that meet both IBC Certification and OSHPD Seismic Qualifications.

Mechanical Equipment is a leader in IBC Certification, which positions us as a “Seismic Qualification Agency.” This certification of our capabilities and expertise, ensures that our seismic qualification and certification services are provided in accordance with IBC requirements. You can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered to stay in compliance and meet all certification standards.

Our seismic qualification and certification services are in accordance with:
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  • International Building Code (IBC)
  • OSHPD/California Building Code
  • ICC-ES AC156
  • ASCE Standard 7

Our equipment seismic qualification services are based on both analysis and shake table testing. Our Methodology provides:

  • Development of product matrices
  • Management of shake table testing
  • Performance of structural analysis and mathematical modeling (FEA modeling)
  • OSHPD/OSP preapproval service
  • PE Stamps for every state required and where required, California SE stamps
  • Issuance of the certificates of compliance and product labeling required by code


Give us a call today to see how we can help you ensure that your next building project meets IBC and OSHPD/California Building Code seismic standards.