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Patterson-Kelley officially announced the release of the smaller, higher-efficiency Mid-Size SONIC® condensing boiler, comprised of the more compact SC-650-1000 boilers for comfort heat and the SCD-650-1000 hot water supply boiler for domestic hot water applications.

Some highlights of the new Mid-Size SONIC:

  • Is 60% smaller than the leading competition
  • Operates up to AHRI-certified 97 percent efficiency with up to 7:1 turndown
  • Stainless steel design for longer life and greater reliability
  • Integrates seemlessly with existing hydronic systems
  • Perfect for new installation or retrofit projects

If you would like more information about this new stainless steel condensing boiler or how it might fit into your next project, give us a call at 800-355-7061 and we’d be happy to answer any questions.

Mechanical Equipment is proud to announce that we are the Patterson-Kelley Boiler representatives in Chicago and downstate Illinois for their line of commercial boilers and water heaters.

Patterson-Kelley has been a long time supplier of exceptional quality products here in the Chicago market for more than thirty years, and they continue to be the leaders in reliability, efficiency and innovation in commercial hot water heating solutions. Patterson-Kelley offers a full-line of condensing and non-condensing boilers.

In addition to boilers, they also manufacture and sell instantaneous and semi-instantaneous water heaters. Plus, they offer an array of commercial boiler and water heating products including gas fired, dual fuel and outdoor boilers.

If you are working on an HVAC project in a school, college or university, office building, hospital, stadium or sporting facility, or other industrial facility, give us a call to see if there is a Patterson-Kelley boiler perfect for your needs.

Please give your helpful representative at Mechanical Equipment a call for your next application and learn more about why we are proud to represent Patterson-Kelley, the leader in the industry for hot water heating systems!

logo-pressure-gaugeDid you know that we can personalize our MILJOCO pressure gauges with your company logo and phone number? If you have a service division, a contracting division or both, pre-purchase your most commonly used ranges customized with your company logo and stock them on your shelf for use throughout the year. Why? So, they remember you and call you when they have service needs.

Great Brand Exposure + More Service Work.

Why do all of the work on a project, and simply “hope” that the customer calls you when he needs service work, rather than calling a competitor? With your logo and phone number on the pressure gauges, your company will be the first one your customer calls when additional work is needed.

How it works.

Here’s how you do it. For a one-time fee of $200.00, we will take your camera-ready artwork and create a master template. You must order at least 50 of each face that you need. When you run out and need to reorder, you pay only the price of the gauge itself!

You can’t beat it, it’s the best deal in town, and you’re advertising your own company instead of the gauge manufacturer. Call us at 800-355-7061 if you’d like more information, and don’t forget, MILJOCO is the only U.S.A. made pressure gauge!